Pyramid Breweries

Personal Project

Craft beer has been on the rise for decades and is fast becoming an alternative to wine as a compliment to fine dining. Innovation is prominent and it is something that can be noticed in the design of the packaging as well as the different kinds of styles. Headquartered in Seattle, Pyramid Breweries was founded in 1984.

This project I focused on making a brand that is modern in style but have roots in the mystery of nature. I wanted to look at natural beer making from a different angle and present it in a new way. Pyramid is a craft beer and have a strong connection to using real ingredients and natural sources but also in the center of the brand is love for the product and an audience that are passionate about craft beer and know what they want but are not afraid to try something new.

I concentrated on the name of the brand and wanted it to connect to the mystery of ancient Egypt with a design that would stand out on a shelf. I took inspiration from murals, drawings and record covers to communicate a feeling of freedom and expression.